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specialized in Adobe Photoshop
image-postproduction & retouching,
2D/2.5D digital imaging
& illustration

tel. +420.777.146705
e-mail: info(at)
  For the past ten years I´ve been mainly providing illustration/digital art & design services for various clients/agencies - and/or teaching other artists/designers how to master Photoshop.
Now - I am looking to focus more on retouching & postproduction work (both technical and creative) & Photoshop assistance for photographers.

This site is showcasing examples of all activities/type of work I´ve EVER been involved in, incl. various non-digital or personal projects of mine. Though I will still keep this old site running, another new site ( is being prepared, atm. for my professional retouching & postproduction services & portfolio. In case you are looking for recent work/updates, please check back soon.

THIS SITE ( will only serve as an ARCHIVE, from now on, thanks.
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please press F5 /cmd R for Mac - to refresh the page, since I still keep adding some new stuff, from time to time ..
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