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alena hovorková
tel. +420.777.146705
e-mail: info(et-sign)ahdesign.cz

Copyright Notice
All images (photos, illustrations, designs, concepts, sketches, demos, PS-studying material etc.) appearing in this site are copyright - either exclusive property of Alena Hovorkova, or their respective owners (clients, stock-images photographers/photobanks etc.) - and are protected under international copyright laws.

No images (nor any part) may be reproduced, copied, altered or used in any way without prior written permission of Alena Hovorkova.

No images are within the public domain, unless explicitly stated (this may apply to teaching/studying material or downloadable project files for Photoshop-workshop students, tutorials etc.)

I always credit photographers, pls. do the same when I retouch for you, thanks.
I never use/showcase my paid clients(s) work in my portfolio(s), unless I have permission to do so.
I never use/showcase before-afters in my gallery/portfolio(s), unless I have permission to do so, in case the photographer/model do not wish me to.
I never use other photographer´s images for my PS training purposes, unless I have permission/licence to do so.