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alena hovorková
specialized in Adobe Photoshop
image/photo-postproduction (technical & creative)
retouching & compositing
2D/2.5D digital imaging & visualization
& illustration

  (= animated version of my Curriculum vitae, * mov, 6:26 min)  
Photoshop training/consulting/publishing
(author of about 80 published articles /tutorials /training materials for Photoshop workshops etc.)
photography (keen amateur/hobbyist photographer)
concept art
fine art ..
  tools I use:
digital & trad. media (incl. drawing/sketching, painting, etc.)
& digital camera (Canon 60D, Canon PowerShot G10, Olympus C5050)
PC/Windows (minor Mac OS X experience)
Wacom Intuos Tablet A4+
  formal education in art & digital technologies: self-taught
  language skills:
Czech (Slovak): native
English: upper intermediate (communicative working proficiency)
German: passive low-intermediate
Russian: passive low-intermediate
French: beginner
  location: Brno/Prague, Czech Republic  
  Additional info:  

About me:
For the past ten years I have been mainly providing illustration/design services for various clients/agencies - and/or teaching & coaching other retouchers and graphic designers how to master Photoshop.

Now, I am looking to focus more on retouching & post-production work (both technical and creative) and/or Photoshop assistance for photographers (beauty, portrait, product, creative concept, advertising .. ).

Experienced Photoshop user (& trainer /instructor /consultant /tutorial author)
Photography lover & (hobbyist/amateur) photographer
Professional illustrator (medical/ anatomy /scientific / product/ fashion /concept art/ fantasy/ character & mascot) & (former) graphic designer (corporate, logo, book-cover/poster, packaging /brand design ..)

Background in traditional art/craft, print-technologies, (minor) 3D ..

About my work/attitude/plans:
As a retoucher - I mainly work on someone else´s photographs, or execute someone else´s creative ideas/visions (or perhaps - tackle/resolve/fix someone else´s technical issues that - technically - can´t be ensured while shooting). That´s what retouchers do, and - that´s also what I love to do, as well.
But - besides that - I also have many ideas/concepts/visions of my own, in my mind - since - besides that ´technical side´ - a ´creative/artistic mind´ is another essential part of me, too.

Though I still love (and have a great respect for) the beauty of pure clean natural photography, on the other hand - I also love fine art, traditional real-media raw materials - as well as cutting edge digital technologies, Hollywood-movie-type special visual effects, matte-paintings, surreal worlds with its unlimited possibilities for an artist .. etc...

Sometimes I happen to put some of these together, just to see what happens ... Or, sometimes my clients want me to take their photographs ´a bit further´ or - even - to turn them into something else (surreal/fantasy artwork, watercolor /pastel /oil-like painting, drawing/sketch, vector, pin-up style, halftone graphics, HDR/fake-HDR image, hyperrealistic airbrushed caricature, creative collage with graphic-elements, special effects composition, or whatever thinkable photo-based artwork ..) ... or they just wish me to experiment with their images, so as we both see what may come up from their photographs and my artistic vision mixed together ...

Basically/technically, I can go as far as the client wants me to (and/or as far as the image lets me so - the expectations should be realistic, based on technical limits of initial photography) in these kinds of ´artistic treatments ´or special /heavy-manipulations, if requested.

And/Or - recently - I am trying to get into ´motion´ a bit, too .. (video-editing, motion design, stop motion, timelapse, animation, interactive design, whiteboard animation, etc. .. ) .. trying to make my still images .. move ...


Basically, I charge on ´per image/per project´ basis for beauty/fashion/product retouching & repair/restoration & compositing & creative (or artistic) concepts - and/or ´per hour´ for technical or not-clearly-defined post-processing ´tasks´ (technical issues/problem solving, catalog/batch clipping /masking /object isolation, batch raw developing, ´idea´ testing, fixing previously/destructively edited images, etc.)
Or - you can give me your budget; I´ll then see what I can do (it will help me know how much work /time /detail-level I can put into post-processing).

Estimate/Quote depends on assignment and is given on a case by case basis, in advance. For estimate a price of a particular project I need to know further details /see your image first.
For international requests/work - I accept PayPal,
50% deposit required for new clients.

I never use/showcase my paid clients(s) work in my portfolio(s), unless I have a permission to do so.
For my ´before-after´ portrait ´retouchig showcase´: I never use/publish before-after images in my gallery/portfolio(s), unless I have permission to do so / in case the photographer/model do not wish me to.