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Beauty/portrait retouch
Info/statement: only images that I have permission-to-display for (incl. before-after) are displayed here, mostly TF*. I never use client´s images in my ´before-after´ gallery/portfolio, unless I have permission from the copyright holder to do so. Your image will NOT be included here, in case you, the client/photographer (or your model), do not wish me to.

About the retouching style
& level of enhancement:

While some photographers prefer clean & natural look,
some wish to achieve a bit more ´stylized´ (´high-end´/´high-perfection´) look, though.

Technically - the level/degree of retoucher´s work may actually range from very subtle, invisible retouch - up to highly stylized ´hyper-realistically perfect´ look (or - a complete heavy make-over, perhaps, in case the photographer may wish to).

  place the mouse over the image to see ´unedited original´,
click the preview to see/download more .. (incl. credits info)
  some more random examples ..

Photo &
Retouch by Alena Hovorkova
This page/site only contains some random/archive examples.